What is Raw Coconut Oil and What Makes Skinny Different?

What does it mean to be RAW? 

The benefits of consuming raw food is based on the premise that heat destroys the most important nutrients and enzymes in food. 

In short: When you cook it, you kill it. 

To put it simply: Ask yourself, do you get more nutrients from a cooked piece of broccoli, or a raw piece?...Exactly.

Why Raw is Important?

Foods below 115˚F are believed to have much higher enzyme and nutritional value. Thanks to the Nutralock System , Skinny is able to produce coconut oil that is natural and raw like nature intended

Being RAW, Skinny has higher levels of the medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) and allows your body to absorb the oil easier, enhancing its effectiveness.

How is Skinny Coconut Oil® The Only True 100% Raw Coconut Oil On The Market?

The reason why we are the only one of its kind in the world is all thanks to our patented oil-extraction technique we implement called the Nutralock System. This system allows us to extract oil from our wild harvest Vietnamese coconuts using absolutely no heat. No other coconut oil company is the world uses this type of technique.

100% pesticide-free, all-natural, raw coconut oil is cold pressed at room temperatures below 100˚F. Other “virgin coconut oils” are expeller or centrifuge processed at high temperatures, which diminishes the natural nutrients of the oil. Meanwhile, unlike these oils that take coconuts from plantations to rooms to sit, our coconuts are hand-picked and processed in the jungles of Ben Tre Vietnam to ensure the highest quality.

Now back to that broccoli analogy...

Taking Skinny is like consuming a raw piece of broccoli, while the other coconut oils on the market are like consuming a cooked piece of broccoli. Both are coconut oil and both are good for you, but the the raw state of Skinny is much more nutritious for your body inside and out.  

So, with no heat to kill all the nutrients found in coconut oil, this is why we label and recommend Skinny be used as a supplement. As such, you will find our product stocked on the supplement shelves (not the cooking isle!) of natural food stores, holistic doctors and dentists offices, and organic beauty salons/spas all over the globe.

The Difference You Can See And Taste

Our RAW coconut oil is noticeably distinguishable from all other coconut oils. Aside from our oil having exceptional clarity and a very pure taste, you will notice our product does not have the "toasted" coconut smell like other all brands feature. 

The coconut oil you have had in the past may actually smell like the roasted coconut you buy in grocery stores or put on your ice cream and baked goods. This is not good! This means your coconut oil has been heated and is not actually 100% cold-pressed. Even though this is the smell we have all come to associate with coconut products, it is actually not the real smell of natural mature raw coconuts. This is one more way to know that you are truly getting 100% pure, cold pressed coconut oil with Skinny Coconut Oil and not a heated imposter.
Skinny is not just cold pressed, it's Cold Processed.