Shampoo Bar Nitty on the Not So Gritty

You guys love the Skinny Shampoo Bar, and who can blame you? It's all-natural and raw, just like our original Skinny Coconut Oil. So when we expanded our beauty line, we had to make sure all of the products were perfectly pure. 

We also know using a shampoo bar instead of the bottled stuff isn't exactly common knowledge, so we put together a little "how to" to make it easier, as well as some of the most common questions we get. Check those out below and let us know how it goes!

How To Use: 

Lather exactly as you would a bar of soap. Massage into hair & scalp. Enjoy the good clean feeling that comes with no chemicals or preservatives. Rinse with warm/hot water. 

You May Be Wondering:

How long will my shampoo bar last?

Shampoo bars, like soap, will dissolve the more they are exposed to water, so be sure to keep your bar out of direct shower spray when storing and you can expect 60-80 uses. Longer hair or thicker hair will of course require more product.

Is a shampoo bar safe for color-treated hair?

Unlike traditional shampoo formulas, the Skinny Shampoo Bar is free of additives, chemicals, or preservatives. All of those things can add up to quite a mess of build up, leading to color dulling over time. While our bar can't claim to enhance color, it will definitely keep hair clean and free from the added stuff you can't pronounce.

Will I need to use conditioner?

If there's one thing we know, your hair is serious business. While one person may love the squeaky clean our shampoo bar offers, others, especially those with thicker hair, may want to add a natural conditioner or de-tangler to their routine. Of course, we recommend using Skinny Coconut Oil for this, but if you have a great conditioner you already love, stick with it. 

How does it lather so much?

We believe in keeping things simple, so we never add anything extra to our products. The main ingredient in all of our shampoo bars is Skinny Coconut Oil.  The reason the bars lather so well is the excess coconut oil leftover during the saponification process, as well as the acids naturally present in coconut oil. Specifically lauric and myristic acids, which produce that lather you love so much. Hey, what's up science? Amazing!