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Our Story

Matt and Luke Geddie were raised by a single mom with a profound sense of social consciousness. When Matt became extremely ill as a young teenager his mother began looking for alternatives to traditional medicine (that had proven it had little to offer Matthew's diagnosed mold poisoning). It was because of their own family's journey into wellness that a chemical free lifestyle became ingrained into these two brothers.

Always with their eyes on a sense of adventure, the two scraped together what little money they could and ventured to South East Asia - because they were informed that it was the most economical place to travel by backpack in the world. They made their way across the continent working as they went. They did everything from consulting in Thailand to volunteering at orphanages in southern India. The two brothers were building relationships and experiences to be told and retold for the rest of their lives....and yet, the memories would be eclipsed by the opportunities waiting for them in Vietnam. They immediately fell in love with the country's pristine villages and lush jungles but most importantly they were captivated by the uniquely hard working, family oriented and friendly people.

Younger brother Matthew headed back to the states to finish his education but Luke stayed on in Vietnam working with locals and formed an import export company. It was at this time that Luke was introduced to a new and innovative way to make coconut oil without chemicals or solvents. On one of his trips home he brought this revolutionary oil to his mother - who by this time had completed her naturopathic medical degree (NMD) - she confirmed after experimenting with it that this unique coconut oil was in fact extremely special and completely different than anything available in the US. She realized that, unlike any other product or supplement she had ever tried, she immediately felt an energy boost and began losing fat.

Luke patented the unique process, hired his brother and together in their family living room launched Skinny Coconut Oil in September of 2013 with 10 jars of coconut oil and a big dream of changing the world by offering a patented chemical free lifestyle brand to the US while giving back to his beloved people of Vietnam.

Skinny is the only coconut oil on the market that is wild harvested, hand pressed, small batched, never heated, 100% raw, 100% virgin, and 100% without chemicals and solvents. You can actually smell, feel, taste and see the difference. At Skinny we believe in the power of a tight knit community centered on only the highest quality, chemical free products made with a higher purpose at heart. Each one of our nurturing products contains 5 edible ingredients or less and is made with our patented coconut oil process that ensures nutrients stay intact which enhances effectiveness both inside and out. We see a bright future for Skinny and Company, a future that includes you. For us, the real story has just begun...