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Our Story

Co-founder, Matt Geddie has a passion for a living life full of purpose. Matt's world was shaken at 14, when he was diagnosed with a terminal illness, from a disease that traditional medicine was unable to treat.
Adamant that this would not be the end of Matt's story, he along with his mother, Joy, and brother, Luke, committed everything to living a holistic lifestyle, attempting to prove the hypothesis that through holistic healing our bodies can overcome anything. This drove the passion to live healthily and conquer the seemingly impossible.
Through years of living holistically, Matt saw continual improvement and was soon strong enough to travel to Asia and truly detox from the inside-out. While there, both brothers were inspired to push the reset button on their life and expectations for the future. They embarked on many business ventures while expanding their passion for travel, new cultures, and healthy living.
The ambitious duo found the heart of their desire lying in the Southeast Asian country of Vietnam. They discovered the lush ecosystem and incredible people living across the country. They were overwhelmed by the array of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains in the fertile soil of the jungles. Motivated by the country and people, Matt and Luke saw a business opportunity to deliver the world a pure, quality, healthy product - Coconut Oil.
This began the Skinny & Co. adventure.
Today, Matt is as determined and driven as he was when he was young, but now it is being channeled as the President of Skinny & Co. alongside Luke, who is CEO. The brothers and their Skinny & Co. team deliver original raw alkaline coconut oil products that disrupt and challenge the standards of the food and cosmetic industries.
Skinny & Co. desires to be a lifestyle brand that is synonymous with high-quality, wholesome products. They aspire to cultivate a community of health-conscious individuals united by a passion to change the world. A healthy body and mind have the potential to live life to the fullest extent and encourage others to do the same.
We hope you join us on our journey in changing the world.