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Pure Baby Coconut Oil - 4 oz

Pure Baby Coconut Oil - 4 oz - Skinny and Company - Skinny Coconut Oil
$14.00 USD
              • Soothing Care for Baby and Mom! Pure Baby Coconut Oil contains only one ingredient, our pure, micro-filtered coconut oil, giving parents peace about caring for every skin care need. Thoughtfully created for all skin types.

              • Hydration and protection for mild skin injuries and irritations.

              • Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil

              • Pure Baby is a natural, effective replacement for petroleum jelly or baby oil. Favorite uses include:

                Soothe: Apply to baby from head to toe to soothe any common skin irritations (cradle cap, diaper rash, baby acne, eczema, etc.)

                Moisturize: Use after baby’s bath to lock in moisture and prevent dryness

                Protect: Protect baby from the sun with natural SPF 15

                Revitalize: Promotes mom’s skin elasticity to prevent scarring, maintain skin’s moisture when nursing, and hydrate dry skin resulting from continuous hand-washing


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