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The Skinny on Hand Sanitizer

The Skinny on Hand Sanitizer
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Skinny & Co. continues to produce natural, clean, and effective personal care products, including Hand Sanitizer and Face Masks, which everyone can safely use.

In times of crisis, companies pivot. Skinny & Co. pivoted during the COVID-19 crisis to supply crucial supplies like face masks and hand sanitizer on a large scale. Because of this transition, we were able to provide the National Guard, government offices, medical facilities, and other essential employees access to over 3 million face masks and thousands of gallons of hand sanitizer. We now offer a pure & potent All Natural Hand Sanitizer proudly made by Skinny & Co. in Indianapolis.


All-Natural Hand Sanitizer

Natural Ingredients - In alignment with all of the Skinny & Co. family of products, our new All Natural Hand Sanitizer is safe for everyone to use, and follows the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended formula, which provides protection from 99.9% of germs. This product is created in our Indianapolis facility without using ingredients that are harmful to the environment or our bodies. The ingredients used in the creation of our Hand Sanitizer include: Ethanol (80%), distilled water, glycerin (for skin hydration), and hydrogen peroxide.

Unmatched Transparency - Our formula is created using corn ethanol, which is carbon filtered to produce the cleanest ethanol on the market, then micro-filtered to remove impurities. 

80% Ethanol Based - Kid-friendly formula uses ethanol and other natural ingredients, unlike harsh chemical laden hand sanitizers that dry out and damage your skin.

Great Feel on Hands - No sticky residue, leaving hands silky and smooth instead of dry and itchy. 

Multifunctional Usage - Our unique formula is gentle enough to apply on all skin types, yet powerful enough to disinfect hard surfaces (dorm room, car seats, countertops, etc.)

Eco-Friendly formula and packaging - Glass bottles to encourage refilling with minimal impact on the environment.

Reusable Face Mask/Hand Sanitizer Kit

Our Reusable Face Mask/Hand Sanitizer Kit is available for easy access to protection on-the-go. It includes a cotton face mask and a 4 oz. jar of our All Natural Hand Sanitizer.

Washable - Use for basic essential errands and activities, then wash daily with like materials.

Convenient - Soft cotton material is easy to keep in your pocket, purse, or glove compartment for easy access during your day.

Naturally Hypoallergenic - Made of 100% cotton, our face mask is safe to use for everyone and does not irritate the skin.

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