Our Response to COVID-19

Like many of you, we continue to monitor the news and updates associated with the COVID-19 global pandemic. We hope each of you are staying healthy and safe during these uncertain days.

In our office, and publicly, we strongly encourage vigilance in personal sanitation and cleanliness to protect ourselves and the public at large, and also limiting public activities to work toward decreasing the spread of the virus. Because we are still in the early stages of the virus’s appearance in the US, and have very little data on the actual number of cases, we refer to the medical and scientific professionals who continue to update us on the best approach to decreasing the spread.

As we see more and more cancellations and closures of events, schools, and businesses, we encourage our audience to consider what measures you can take to promote the overall wellbeing of your community. This includes considering what events/activities in your life are mandatory, and which ones could be cancelled or postponed until a time when we know more about the impact of the virus. We also recommend taking steps to boost your own immune system, including the ones @mybariatricdietician lists in this infographic.

boost immune system

In addition, you can give your immune system a boost with the nutrient lauric acid. Found in coconut oil, lauric acid is naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral. Including this in your daily routine is a great step toward improving your overall health! Easy ways to add lauric acid to your daily routine:

  • Switch your primary cooking fat to Coconut Oil (1-2 tbsp/day supplies the recommended dose of lauric acid.) 
  • Add Oil Pulling to your oral health routine, naturally killing bacteria and viruses, significantly improving overall oral health.
  • Eat more coconuts! 🥥

Our thoughts and prayers are with our nation, and the world, as we navigate through this new terrain. Click here to read the response from our CEO Jaime Vasquez.

Please let us know in the comments how you are staying healthy, both physically and mentally.

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