Is Coconut Oil Good For My Hair & Scalp?

Is Coconut Oil Good For My Hair & Scalp?
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Coconut oil is extremely versatile. It has hundreds (if not thousands) of applications and uses. At Skinny & Co. nothing makes us more excited than discovering the most effective ways to use our products. Today our focus is on the multiple benefits and uses virgin coconut oil provides for our hair and scalp.   

1. Coconut Oil is a deeply nourishing and restorative hair masque. Skinny Coconut Oil is teeming with Medium Chain Triglyceride’s (small fats) that are instantly absorbed into damaged hair and provide long lasting moisture. We love this guide for creating an effective coconut oil hair masque. Remember that with coconut oil, quality is king. If you use lower quality oils, you risk introducing unknown solvents and oils into your hair, which have unknown effects. We only recommend using the highest quality virgin coconut oil when treating the hair and scalp.

2. Coconut oil is an excellent scalp moisturizer and follicle cleanser. Leaving coconut oil on the scalp for extended periods is shown to penetrate multiple layers of skin while lubricating and cleansing the hair follicles of excess sebum/residue. The goal of a scalp treatment is to leave it balanced, not too oily or too dry. Coconut oil creates that balance by mimicking the body’s natural oils, while also removing the toxic buildup that traditional products leave in our hair. Apply small amounts to the roots of the hair and scalp. Here is a great guide on coconut scalp treatment.

3. Coconut oil is a fantastic conditioner. It is as good (if not better) than the traditional products we use today, except Skinny products are all 100% natural and always chemical-free. Use in place of traditional conditioner during showers. Additionally, small amounts can be placed on the hair (post-shower) to provide all day hydration for severely dehydrated hair. Pro tip: Our Founder/CEO Luke Geddie applies a small amount of our oil to his dry frizzy hair every day. It soaks right in without looking or feeling greasy!

Coconut oil is an amazing asset for your hair and a superior way to remove chemicals from your lifestyle. Just as we saw in the lip blog, it is taxing on our bodies to constantly bombard them with sulfates, parabens, and the petroleum-based chemicals we find in hair products today. Take the Skinny Challenge, and let us know how coconut oil benefits your body!

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