Skinny Paw proves that coconut oil is for dogs

We know that people LOVE their pets, and it’s on us as owners to take every precaution to provide the healthiest options for them. In fact, many Americans are more likely to splurge on high quality food for their dogs than themselves!

The truth about the pet industry

The sad truth is that there is very little oversight in the pet industry and products are often sourced from foreign companies that leave pet products unregulated. As a result, it is largely up to these corporations to “self-police” the quality of their products… Yikes! If lead is ending up in products made for our children, what do you think ends up in products for your pets? It’s fair to say that the pet industry has some dirty secrets. Skinny & Co. is working to eliminate those secrets by creating fully transparent pet products that owners can be 100% sure are good for their animals.

Taking care of your pets’ skin

While most pet owners are aware that it’s important to eliminate toxins from an animal’s diet, how many of us are aware of the need to eliminate toxins from use on their skin? It is very important to care for your animals skin!

Does your animal suffer from any of the following?

  • Dry skin
  • Irritated/sensitive skin
  • Build-up on skin/fur
  • Breathing issues

All of these could be a result of what you are washing them with! Most pet shampoo is full of chemicals which cause a variety of symptoms. Dangerous preservatives, sulfates, parabens, and ethanolamines, are commonly found in pet shampoos. These harsh man-made chemicals can cause skin irritation, infection, and can be carcinogenic leading to cancers/tumors. If you wouldn’t put it on your own skin, why would you put it on an animal?

Putting our best paw forward

From this day forward, you’ll never have to ask yourself again, “Is coconut oil good for dogs?” And we can promise that because we are proud to present our latest product, Skinny Paw! This is our answer to the pet industry’s dirty secrets, because the truth is you can use coconut oil for dogs (and cats, too!).

The soap is made from a single ingredient, saponified coconut oil which is blended with the highest quality essential oils available today to create the healthiest and safest pet wash on the market. Normally, switching to the “healthier option” means it’s less effective and doesn’t work as well as traditional options. This isn’t the case with Skinny Paw, where product testers who switched have experienced cleaner feeling animals, more suds, and less skin problems.

The reason Skinny Paw has worked for product testers is because pets' skin has a lower pH than that of human skin. As a result, pets need a lower pH soap to make sure the pH balance of their skin isn't thrown out of balance. While most soaps have a pH of 8 or 9, Skinny Paw uses RBD coconut oil, making it a much more pet-friendly soap than most on the market today.

Lending a helping paw

We are also proud to announce that we are partnering with and the Renand Foundation to build a production facility in Haiti designed to empower Haitian women by giving them the opportunity to create Skinny Paw and earn the fair compensation they deserve.

Your purchase of Skinny Paw goes a long way in making a difference in the lives of others--including your pet!

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