4 ways to beat winter blues with Skinny Coconut Oil for skin

4 ways to beat winter blues with Skinny Coconut Oil for skin
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If your winter involves cold weather and snow, chances are you spend a good portion of it bundled up, inside, with the heat on. While some people may enjoy this, chances are your skin is struggling with the weather adjustment. Let’s all resolve to treat our skin better as the new year approaches.

Coconut oil for skin is a hack you need to know! Fear not, Skinny & Co. is here to help.

Remove makeup

We’re all about healthy beauty, and we’re here to say that you can still wear your desired makeup look for your holiday parties without the fear of the removal process at the end of the night. Because, let’s be honest, if your skin is dry due to cold and blustery winds, chances are makeup remover will further irritate your skin.

In cases like these, oil-based makeup remover will be your lifesaver. But we know you’ve already got some Skinny Coconut Oil on hand, so go ahead and save money on makeup removers by dipping into that stash!

Just gently rub into into your skin where you’d like to remove your makeup. The coconut oil will melt as you work with it, removing makeup along the way. Wash your face with a gentler cleanser when you’ve finished, and you’re ready for bed!

Soothe dry, cracked hands and feet

If your heels are taking a beating this winter, turn to your Skinny Coconut Oil for relief. Simply massage some onto your cracked or dry heels, slip on some cozy socks, and go to bed, dreaming of warmer days. When you wake up, rinse your feet off and go about your day!

Your poor hands likely have it a little rougher than your heels during cold weather months because they’re much more exposed throughout the day and are washed and dried frequently. But don’t worry, the heel hack works for your hands, too! Before you go to work, just put some coconut oil on your hands, slip on your favorite cozy (and washable!) gloves and head to work. Gently wash them when you get to the office and remove your gloves.

Moisturize chapped lips

Do you have a car chapstick? And a purse one? An office one and a car one? Us, too.

But if you can’t find one, misplaced the others, or even ran out of our lip balm, you aren’t totally out of luck. Remember that you can use your Skinny Coconut Oil in a pinch before you replenish your stash!

You have a couple of options: you can either go straight to the source and apply coconut oil directly to your skin, or you can mix some with a lipstick of your choice for a pop of color!

Shave without cream

Getting ready for your Christmas party but forgot to buy shaving cream to use when you get ready? Skinny Coconut Oil to the rescue!

All you have to do is wet your skin, apply a thin layer of coconut oil, and shave. It gets the job done, and did we mention the benefits of coconut oil for skin?!

Stock up and be ready for anything!

Skinny & Co. offers countless options when it comes to skin care and pure beauty, but we can’t forget the basics. We recommend always having a jar of Skinny Coconut Oil on hand in case you run out of your favorite essentials, especially when the weather turns cold and you’d rather stay home than make a store run!

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