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10 Life Hacks for your next trip using the Skinny & Co. Travel Kit

Vacation is the best! The excitement of travel, adventure, new people, fun places. There's nothing better. Packing for vacation, on the other hand, not so great. Lighten your load with the Skinny & Co. Travel Kit.


The Travel Kit is ideally sized for carry-on. It contains the entire Skinny & Co. beauty line, plus our Bamboo Spoon and popular Lip Tube.


Try these 10 life hacks with the Skinny & Co Travel Kit on your next trip:

1.) Use the Skinny & Co. Coconut Oil or Facial Oil in the shower to remove sunscreen from your skin. SPF can leave a sticky film that is hard to wash off. Let our Coconut Oil do the work for you. Skin will feel clean, moisturized, and chemical-free. 

2.) After a fun day in the sunshine, apply the Body Butter to quench dry skin. Not only will the Body Butter nourish and soothe, it can also double as a shaving cream. Plus, we love how radiant it makes our skin look.

3.) Apply the Coconut Oil to your hair as a protectant against salt water, chlorine, and UV rays. The Skinny & Co. Coconut Oil is also a great conditioner for luscious locks.

4.) Forget foundation and packing your entire beauty arsenal. Give your a face a break from makeup and use a small amount of the Facial Oil instead of foundation for an effortless, glowing finish.

5.) Exfoliate and put moisture back into your skin with our Sugar Scrub. The toasted vanilla bean smells amazing and the gentle coconut sugar may help prevent peeling. Skin should look refreshed and dewy on vacation, not cracked.

6.) No one wants to feel bloated while traveling, especially if your trip involves wearing a swim suit. Try a spoonful of the Coconut Oil in your morning coffee or smoothie to help boost metabolism and promote healthy digestion.

7.) The Skinny & Co. Lip Tube will keep your pout refreshed and kissable. You never know when you'll meet that hunky vacation crush. It's packed with great ingredients like our 100% raw coconut oil, vitamin E, beeswax, and Peppermint essential oil.

8.) Our Sugar Scrub is a healthy alternative to traditional sweeteners. Because all of our products are non-toxic and edible, go ahead and try a spoonful in your morning coffee or oatmeal. The vanilla bean and organic coconut sugar are delicious. We also like to have a little spoonful if we are craving something sweet, but don't want a big dessert loaded with calories.

9.) All the new foods and flavors of an exotic destination can leave your mouth feeling a bit funky. Try oil pulling with the Skinny & Co. Oil Pulling Oil to freshen breath, remove bacteria, clean your mouth, and naturally whiten teeth. Since our coconut oil is alkaline, it's safe for dental work and fillings.

10.) If you're more of a rustic vacationer, than you'll love the Bamboo Spoon that comes in every Skinny & Co. Travel Kit. It's light enough to carry on-the-go and the perfect size for preparing food over a fire, mixing drinks, and even eating.

Take the Skinny & Co. Travel Kit on your next vacation! Let us know what life hacks you come up with by sharing them on our Facebook and Instagram pages or emailing