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How Long is Coconut Oil Good For?

One of the questions we get about Skinny Coconut Oil is "How long is coconut oil good for?" People want to know how long it will last, whether or not refrigerate it, and when to know when it's gone bad. I've compiled a list of these topics and will go through them one by one, but here's the 'scoop' up front: coconut oil has a long shelf life (up to 3 years). It doesn't have to be refrigerated, and as long as the bottle doesn't smell bad or have mold in it, you can use it.

How Long Can You Use Coconut Oil Once It's Been Opened?

Raw coconut oil has a shelf life of 3 years.  Coconut oil does not easily oxidize and also has inherent antimicrobial properties. Just make sure you don't accidentally contaminate it with other foods by dropping crumbs into the jar. This can make the coconut oil go rancid sooner because although coconut oil is very stable, the food you drop in it is not and will begin to ferment or mold. Make sure to use a clean spoon or knife each time you use the jar to keep it clean.


How to Store Coconut Oil?

One of the benefits of coconut oil is that it is stable and does not require refrigeration. A quality coconut oil will last up to 3 years without going rancid. Compare that to olive oils which go rancid very quickly and need refrigerated. Different coconut oils vary in shelf life, but you can safely assume that every coconut oil lasts at least a year, but a few years is the most common scenario.


Does Coconut Oil Spoil? How to Tell if Coconut Oil is Bad?

Coconut oil can spoil, but it has a long shelf life. If you let food contaminants get into the bottle (such as by using a spoon that's already been used for something else) it will spoil sooner. Coconut oil will stay fine for a long time, but it’ll go bad eventually. If you’re not sure how long your bottle of coconut oil has been stored, look for signs of mold and check for smell and taste, if it has developed any mold, a strange odor, or bad taste, throw it away.


Is Skinny Coconut Oil Perishable?

Skinny Coconut Oil is a raw, cold pressed coconut oil. It is made from 100% coconuts and is unique because of our exclusive Nutralock Technology, which locks in essential vital vitamins and minerals. Due to this process your Skinny Coconut Oil will last for at least 15 months as long as it's not contaminated with food particles. There is no need to refrigerate, but you can if you want to. We're not judgmental like that. You can read more questions and answers in our FAQ.



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