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Skinny CEO, Matt Geddie, Takes Vietnam By Motorbike

Skinny CEO, Matt Geddie, Takes Vietnam By Motorbike

CEO of Skinny & Company, Matt Geddie, returned to the jungles of Vietnam last month for a visit to Skinny's coconut oil processing facilities. During the trip, Matt visited some of his favorite spots in the area and caught a glimpse of what exciting progress Skinny has been making overseas. Prepare to have feelings of extreme wanderlust ensue after reading this!



Have you visited Vietnam in the past?

“Yes! We came to Vietnam between 2009 and 2010 for a backpacking trip. There, we traveled across the country on motorbikes, taking in all of the sights, smells, and good eats! My brother, Luke, began living there full-time in 2011 to set up Skinny’s international operations.”


What was your mission this time around?

“Since Luke is here in the states working at our offices, I went out to meet with our partner, Kim Vo, and visit our processing facilities in Bến Tre. It’s exciting to see all the progress that’s been made since I visited years ago.”


You’d just gotten off the plane. Where was the first place you hit?

“Upon arrival, we went to a fantastic restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City called Malt. I did a quick walk around. The city has such a friendly and inviting atmosphere. After a bit, I could feel the jet lag setting in, so I went back to the hotel to catch some Z’s!”


Rumor has it that Skinny is building another processing facility in Vietnam. Care to tell us more?

“Yes, our third processing facility is under construction. It is three times larger than our current facilities, which gives us room as we expand our existing technology, the Nutralock System, into the new space. This is a huge step for Skinny & Company, so the whole Skinny family is excited for lots of growth and change!”


How has Skinny impacted the local community in Bến Tre?

“Skinny pays workers year-round. We contribute to important causes like a clean water initiative for the Vietnamese villages. We also build houses and learning centers for the nearby community. All of our philanthropic work is funded by Skinny’s growth.”


We know coconut oil is the perfect addition to any food of choice. What Vietnamese dish did you embellish with a spoonful of Skinny?

“Phở, the flavorful, traditional Vietnamese soup, is absolutely incredible and adding Skinny Coconut Oil makes it even better!”