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Skinny Coconut Oil Has Arrived

Skinny Coconut Oil Has Arrived
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Skinny here, and boy am I ready to make you healthy!

My journey began four years ago deep in the jungles of Vietnam, where I was just a pesticide free, all-natural coconut chilling in my palm tree. Yet, I knew I had a larger calling...

It was then I was hand picked and selectively chosen to be crafted into extra virgin Skinny Coconut Oil. I was placed through the Nutralock System™ where I was uniquely cold pressed to ensure all my life giving vitamins, minerals, and antibiotic qualities remained 100% pure and ready for your enjoyment. With my light fragrance, creamy white color, and incredibly smooth texture, I promise that you and I are a match made in coconut heaven.

My mission is to make you as healthy as possible and I am 100% confident I have the "goods" to do it! I'm made with nothing but mature coconuts and that's the way it will be forever.

Go ahead. Try me today (I'm backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee) and change your life for the healthier. Healthy people change the world. 



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