Healthy Foods for your Fridge

Healthy Foods for your Fridge
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Looking to lose weight, or just wanting to get healthier? A fridge makeover may be the trick! Keeping healthy foods in your fridge will eliminate unhealthy snacking and help you make wiser, healthier choices. The best way to do this is keep some basic, powerful perishables on stock so when the urge to snack hits, you can indulge guilt-free! A great place to start are these basics-

1. Raw vegetables- It’s always a great idea to have some veggies to snack on to get the crunch without the calories! Some easy choices are carrots, celery, bell peppers, and cucumbers.

2. Spinach- Baby spinach is an easy way to add nutrients to a number of meals or snacks. Simply throw some on your wrap, in your smoothie, in your salad, or even on your pizza! This versatile veggie can go as far as your creativity will!

3. Fruits- Snacking on fruit is perfect for when you’re craving something sweet! Berries, oranges, apples, grapes, and pears- the list goes on and on! Of course, your options may be limited by what is in season.

4. Lemon- Speaking of fruit, try keeping some lemons in your fridge! Aside from adding beautiful color, lemons can boost your water with more benefits. Keeping a pitcher lemon water in your fridge is a great way to stay hydrated and balance your body.

5. Almond milk- Another great beverage to have on hand, almond milk is a healthy substitute to dairy in almost any recipe! Almond milk has less calories and fat than traditional milk, and can be great to have for smoothies.

6. Greek Yogurt- This versatile substitute can be another great addition to smoothies, as well as a healthy replacement for a high-calorie dessert. Simply add fruit, and you have a delicious treat!

7. Hummus- This dip is perfect for the veggies you just invested in! Skip the ranch dip and go for this flavorful, low calorie option or even use it as a dressing!

8. Eggs- Simply keeping a few hard boiled eggs in the fridge can provide an effortless snack or breakfast option. This is perfect for those of us that are always on the go!

9. Lean protein- Speaking of protein-filled, you may want to have some easy, ready-to-eat proteins in your fridge along with eggs. This could be in the form of lean chicken and fish, or quinoa and beans for a vegetarian option.

10. Nut butters- Keeping a natural nut butter isn't essential, but can be great for smoothies, fruits, or even on some whole-grain toast.

***Bonus item- Skinny Coconut Oil- Yes, a bit predictable from our blog, but this is another versatile substitute and an easy way to add nutrients to your diet. Ditch the vegetable oils and butter and opt for this healthy alternative that can boost your metabolism and energy. (Tip- also great in smoothies!)

Keeping these foods in your fridge can really improve your health- if you are what you eat, and you eat what you have- you may want to make sure you have healthy foods!

Special thanks to Women's Health Magazine for the grocery list!

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