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5 Ways to Reuse Your Skinny & Co. Jars

5 Ways to Reuse Your Skinny & Co. Jars

It is a satisfying moment when you scoop that last bit of coconut goodness from the jar (a bamboo spoon works great for that, btw). But what do you do with the jar?

Throwing the glass away is an option, but there are so many other things you can do with the jars. The following are five of our favorite ways to upcycle glass jars.

1. Everything is Cuter in a Tiny Glass Jar

Our 2oz jars are great for storing small jewelry or your daily medications. Some people use them in the kitchen to keep spices fresh or in their living room as tea light holders.

You can find the 2oz jars in the Skinny & Co. Travel Kit or individually as Coconut Oil, Oil Pulling, Body Butter, or Facial Oil. What is your favorite use for a 2oz jar?

2. Pretty Little Jars Keep Bathrooms Tidy

The 4oz jar is low and wide, making it ideal for holding bathroom items such as bobby pins and hair ties. Some people even use it to store their cotton-tipped swabs.

You can find the 4oz jars individually as the Skinny & Co. Facial Oil or as part of one of the Facial Kit, Facial Box, or Beauty Box collections (Facial Oil is great for hair too!).

3. Create a Collection of 11 Herbs and Spices

The 9oz jar can be used to make your own DIY herb garden. Simply fill with soil, place your favorite herb seeds inside, water, and place them on your windowsill.

You can find the 9oz jar as Sugar Scrub, Rose Body Butter, or Whipped Body Butter. Those jars are also available in many different gift boxes and kits.

4. Chic and On Fleek Holder for Your Bic

The 8oz jar is so much better than the boring black mesh holder you have now for holding pens and pencils. Put some sand in the bottom for a tropical vibe.

You can find the 8oz jar as Skinny Coconut Oil and as Peppermint Oil Pulling oil. Some people like this jar better for using Skinny in the bathroom because of it's size.

5. Be Original with the Original Jar

The 16oz jar is the original Skinny & Co jar. We use it to make overnight oats, hold cold beverages, and smoothies, or as a beautiful vase to hold fresh flowers.

You can find the 8oz jar as Skinny Coconut Oil or as Peppermint Oil Pulling oil. Some people have even used this jar to make their own candles. We think that's hot.

Why Do We Use Glass Jars?

Coconut Oil eats through plastic, and we want to make sure no harmful chemicals are ever present in our products. That's why most of our Skinny & Co. products are packaged in a glass jar to maintain the quality and seal in the fresh coconut oil.

How Does Skinny Upcycle its Jars?

Skinny & Co. donates our jars to US schools and local artists for crafts and projects. Tell us on Facebook and Instagram your favorite ways to use empty glass jars.